This year i am starting a long-term project to produce a series of video tutorials on “How to Photograph Kids”. While it’s obviously a business decision, I also believe that, in this era of phone photos and “everyone’s a photographer”, there are not a lot of great kids photos out there. One hundred years ago my family got photos like this, now photography is almost worthless.

The basic deal is that this will be a trade. I will give you a photo session, and give you a large batch of retouched hi-res images. On return you sign a release that allows me to use the images and video I shoot on the day. You own the photos in perpetuity and can do anything you like with them, except use them for commercial purposes of course.

I will be shooting POV video (“point of view”) from two video cameras, a GoPro on my head, and the camera I am taking the photos with. I will not appear in the video except for my hands and arms. I will be doing narration as well, describing what I am doing while shooting.

Where most photographers seem to expect hight prices for their instruction videos, I aim to go with the lowest possible costs so that parents in most developed countries can afford to learn how to take great pix of their kids. Emerging professional kid photographers will also find it helpful.

I have developed a simple system of photography that i have taught for years in workshops. I didn’t read books to learn photography, I just shot a lot and looked at a lot of photos. i know that my system works, I just have to get down to the business of shooting now.

Mechanics are quite simple, you tell me when you are available and I tell you where we will be shooting. I will also have a bit of input on wardrobe and props. Some of the location possibilities will be beaches, urban jungles, rural settings, parks and inside homes. All of these can be tricky, so I hope to make it easier to shoot in these various environments.

I hope to shoot in many countries for this.